Child Support

This is also known as child maintenance. It is an ongoing, periodic payment made by a parent for the financial benefit of a child. This kind of financial benefits is usually as a result of the termination of marriage or other relationship that brought the child into existence. This financial benefit is paid directly or indirectly by the person responsible for the up-keep of the child (obligor) to the person that would be responsible for taking care of the child (obligee) for the care and support of children of a relationship that has ended or never even existed. Sometimes, the obligor is a non-custodial parent while the obligee is a custodial parent, a caregiver, a guardian, or the state. Generally, child support covers food, clothing and shelter-type expenses. Making child support payments does not automatically give a non-custodial parent visitation rights. The non-custodial parent must petition the court for these Rights.

The following are put in place or met before child support begins:

  • The parents were married when the child was born
  • The parents are named on the child’s birth.
  • The male parent was living with the mother between 20 and 44 weeks immediately before the child’s birth
  • Adoption papers list both parents
  • A statutory declaration, or other relevant instrument has been made by a person acknowledging they are the child’s parent
  • A relevant court has expressly found that the person is a parent of the child

Child Support Payments

Child support payments are assessed based on the combined incomes of the parents and the care arrangements of the child. This makes sure that the costs of raising a child are shared by both parents based on how many overnight visits a child has with each parent.

Child Support Services

Child Support Services are program designed to work with parents – custodial and noncustodial – and guardians to ensure children and families receive court-ordered financial and medical support. Child support services are usually available to the general public.

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