Step-Parent Adoption

Step-parent adoption is a common legal process by which the step-child legally becomes the child of the step-parent. Parental rights are legally transferred from one biological parent to the child’s step-parent. This means the step-parent now has an obligation to care for the stepchild financially, while the biological parent, who no longer holds parental rights, has no legal obligations toward the child. The step-child will then become, in the eyes of the law, entitled to all the same rights as a biological child of the step-parent.

This process does not affect the legal rights of the spouse of the step-parent regarding their biological child. There is also a process of step-parent adoption that applies to adult step-children, which results in a legal bond between the step-parent and the step-child in a similar manner.

These processes require specific legal documents to be presented for submission to Florida state courts. Step-parent adoption costs can accumulate quickly, and obtaining these documents can be costly and take an extended amount of time if you are working with a lawyer. You may also suffer from exorbitant legal consulting fees, with the disadvantage of little time being dedicated to helping you understand what exactly is required on your part to submit these documents and facilitate the step-parent adoption process.

The good news is YOU can submit these documents yourself, and we are here to help you do it!
At Freedom Rings, we want to make sure that your time and hard-earned money are not wasted on unnecessary procedures. By using our services, you get the help you need to cut through the paperwork aspect of the adoption process. For a fee, we will provide the needed documents and guide you through the process of filling out and filing any of the required paperwork for step-parent adoption.

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