Expungement of Record
Instructions for Applying for a Certificate of Eligibility

In order to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility to petition the court to seal or expunge a criminal history record, the following requirements must be met pursuant to s.943.0585(2) and s.943.059(2), Florida Statutes.

Section A of the application must be completed and signed in the presence of a notary public.

The applicant must be fingerprinted by authorized law enforcement personnel or a criminal justice agency. The fingerprint form must include the applicant’s name, race, sex, date of birth, *social security number (SOC) , and signature, prior to submission to FDLE. A FDLE Fingerprint Form, FD 40-024, is supplied with the application package.

The applicant must provide a certified disposition of the case that he/she is applying to have sealed or expunged. This may be obtained from the Clerk of Court in the county in which the charge(s) were brought. For Pre-trial Intervention cases and other Diversion programs, a certified letter of completion from the State Attorney’s office may substitute for a certified disposition. Please provide a certified copy of Termination of Probation, if applicable.

A NONREFUNDABLE money order or cashier’s check for $75.00 made payable to the FDLE must accompany the application.

If you are requesting an expunction of a criminal history record, you must have the state attorney or statewide prosecutor complete Section B of the application. (If not completed, the application will be processed as a sealing of your criminal history record).

Special Note: All of the items listed above are required at the time that the application is submitted. If an item is missing or the application or fingerprint form is not completed, the application will be returned unprocessed.