Living Trust
Living Trust
A living trust is an agreement about your property that allows you to keep control of your assets while you’re still alive and set out what happens when you die. At some point you might need to change the trust’s terms. An amendment allows you to change sections of the original trust. You shouldn’t alter the trust documents directly, as that might invite a legal challenge later on but you can prepare a separate amendment that details the changes.

Living Trust Amendment

The Living Trust Amendment is a document used to change one or more minor provisions of a living trust or joint living trust as an alternative to preparing a new living trust. The amendment can be used to make minor deletions and/or additions to the original trust.

Steps taken in preparation for a Living Trust Amendment
Locate the original living trust documents. Find the provisions you want to change.· Freedom Rings can help you draft a trust amendment. We will assist you in filing out an amendment form. You will need the name of the trust, the trust grantors and the trustees as shown on the original documents, and the original date of the trust on the amendment. Specify which article of the trust allows for amendments. Specify which article is being changed and detail the changes.· Our next step is to have the trust grantors and trustees named in the trust document in our office to have everything signed, dated and notarized.

· Attach the original amendment to the original trust papers. Keep the papers in a secure place. We will ensure that the amended documents get filed at the appropriate place for you.

Things Needed
Original documents

Tips & Warning

Although not all states require notarization of the amendment, doing so ensures that the signatures will not be disputed.

Consider drafting a new trust agreement if you’re making substantial changes to avoid confusion about the trust’s terms.