A codicil to will is a legal document that adds to a previously signed will. A codicil is simply an amendment to an already existing will. Changes effected through the use of a codicil can affect small parts of the original will (e.g., when the executors are to be changed), or may affect the whole will completely. Even though some aspects of a will may remain unchanged as you progress in life, a few things may change which will require you to make changes to your original will. So, instead of rewriting your original will, some people opt to write a codicil. This is because a codicil is faster and cheaper than rewriting a will afresh. Usually, a codicil falls in line with the same legal needs as the original will, such as the testator’s signature and two or three uninterested witnesses.

People also resort to writing a new will which is dated to revoke any previous wills and codicils even for small changes to avoid the problem of interpretation which can result from a chain of incongruous codicils.

To complete a codicil, a form is drafted highlighting the changes to the existing last will. It is necessary to witness changes to the will since they may reverse the important parts of the original will.


Make sure to read the final version of the your will, identify the problems you want to fix and write them down.

Give the codicil a title and indicate its purpose.

Write your name, address and date in the first paragraph.
Identify the parts of the original will you want removed, changed or added to it.

Remember that your codicil will overrule anything in your original will that negates it.

Use the same style for writing your codicil as with the original will.

Make sure to include the date of your original will in the codicil.

Hit the nail on the head about the changes you want to make.

Finally, sign your codicil in the presence of two witnesses and then store it the same place you store your original will to avoid misplacement.

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